Planned Itinerary So Far…..

One of the great things about our trip is we already have plans to meet up with friends along the way.   By either visiting them as they live overseas, catching them at a conference, or having them meet up with us in a country they always wanted to visit.   In order to try to get even more people to join us, here is our rough itinerary we have planned.

April 7th – Leave on the NCL Epic from Port Canaveral, Florida (Ed’s parents, Henry and Luann join us here through Palma, Majorca)

April 22nd – Arrive in Barcelona, stay for a week

April 29th – Fly to Palma, Majorca, stay for 8 nights (Visiting Chrissy’s cousin Melissa here)

May 7th – Fly to Madrid and hang out there for a few nights until we catch a train to San Sebastian

May 17th – Fly to Lisbon for a week stay

May 24th – Fly to the Azores for 4 nights

May 28th – Fly to Porto for 3 nights

May 31st – Fly to Casablanca, Morocco to start a 15 day tour we are taking of Morocco with Intrepid Travel

June 15th – Fly to London for 10 days of City living, have a place rented in Brixton.

June 25th – We take the train out to London to ?????

Not sure where we will head after that in Europe but plan on just going where ever the wind takes us around Europe until early September where we have a flight out of Athens, Greece to change continents.  This part of Europe we will also be catching some friends that are moving to Basel, Switzerland, possibly meeting up with friends in Venice, along with a possible trip to Bulgaria with some other friends.

September 5th – Fly to Singapore overnight.   Our Anniversary is September 8th, that Saturday, so to celebrate we have a room booked that night at the Marina Bay Sands.  We will be enjoying cocktails at this pool for that day.

September 10th – Fly from Singapore to Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia.   We plan on relaxing in Indonesia for 3 weeks just traveling around the islands.   We have a planned week on Gili Air to become SSI certified for scuba but will just again bounce around where ever on the islands until September 29th.

September 29th – Fly to Darwin, Australia

October 6th – Fly to Sydney, Australia to meet up with Dr. Nick who will be at a conference.   We will spend the next month mostly in Australia, maybe a trip to Fiji, until the Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Australia on November 6th.   It is the most famous horse race in Australia, know as “the race that stops a nation”.

After the race, we plan on heading to New Zealand for about a month.  Starting around early December we will make our way up to meet some other friends in Thailand by the end of the month.   The next 2 months will be SE Asia area eventually making our way to Hong Kong, China, and Japan in the spring.

We really don’t have much booked after our flight to Sydney but will do that while traveling.   We also don’t have a return trip booked to come back to the US yet.  The exact date we come back will come down to how good are we keeping to our budget.

If anyone has recommendations for us at any of our stops or any place we should add to our itinerary, please share!

Also, if you have a dream in traveling anywhere and would like to join us, please let us know.  We would love to see more friendly faces while traveling.

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