Our week in Palma Mallorca!

Hello again, this time from Lisbon, Portugal!  This post is a quick recap of our week in Palma, aka, the last week with Henry and LuAnn joining us.

Flying out of Barcelona on Sunday, we needed to swing by the hotel Henry and Lu would be staying at on their way home to store mom’s larger suitcase she wouldn’t need while in Palma.   Giving ourselves plenty of time for everything, we ended up at the airport with a few hours to spare.   Using my priority pass that came with the Chase Sapphire card, I was able to get us all into one of the Airport lounges.   After a few drinks and snack we head down to the gate for our flight.   Unfortunately, checking the screen for our gate number we see our flight is cancelled.   Being used to US airlines we were expecting a long ordeal but a quick trip to the customer service agent had us all on the next flight out in 2 hours and a coupon to go grab a drink and a snack at any bar/restaurant we wanted.

We finally arrived in Palma that evening and checked into our AirBnb which was right off of Plaza Mayor.   Perfect location for our week!   Sunday night we all were in the mood for pizza and so ended our first night at an Italian restaurant.

Monday we had dinner plans with Chrissy’s cousin Melissa and her husband Thomas who live in Palma.   During the day we wondered around town, hit the supermarket for breakfast foods, snacks, and wine, and also checked out a great little craft beer store where we stocked up with Spanish craft beers.

That night we met with Melissa and Thomas and had a excellent meal with them.   They gave us great advice at what to do.

On Tuesday, the weather was not cooperating as it was very rainy.  With sunshine expected the rest of the week, we decided to make this a stay in our neighborhood day.   For lunch, we took a recommendation from Thomas, for burgers at Badal.    I am a self-professed burger snob but these burgers would fit right in my top 10 burgers.

After our late lunch we hung out in Plaza Mayor.   This area always had a lot of activity and pop up shops and street performers.  The rest of the night was relaxation and a few drinks.

The next day was sunny again so we decided to check out the hop-on hop-off bus since we enjoyed in Barcelona so much.   Unfortunately, this one was not very good besides giving us transportation up to Bellver Castle.   This is a very interesting castle with a cool history of being used as a stronghold and even a prison at different times.   Great views from the top as well.

We then took the bus to the main cathedral in town and discovered a local beer festival on a plaza near the water.

We got to try beers from all over Palma and the weather was just perfect.   It turned out to be a great day!

The next day, Thursday, another recommendation from Melissa and Thomas, the historic train to Soller and the Port of Soller.

The port is absolutely beautiful.   We wondered around checking out the various beaches, boats, and scenery.

We ended up having lunch at an awesome seafood restaurant, Kingfisher.   Everyone from our tuna, to shrimp, to whole fish, was just perfect.

Was an awesome day getting to see the other side of the island!

The next day was very bitter sweet for us as in past years we would have been in Louisville for the Kentucky Oaks.   So of course, when we heard that Palma has harness racing that Friday, we had to go.

While this was not the same as being in Louisville, we ended up having a great time.   One good thing is a round of drinks for the 4 of us basically cost us about 1/3 of a cost of a Lilly at Churchill Downs.   Henry actually ended up cashing a winning ticket on a 12-1 shot which covered out taxi rides and drinks!

In the late afternoon we ended up at a sports bar in Palma, Bar 11 and had some delicious food and drinks.    That night we just went back to our AirBnb and ended up watching the Kentucky Oaks on my laptop around midnight.

Saturday ended up being another raining day for us so we caught up on laundry and relaxed.   We did have an great tapas lunch at Bar Espana.  We basically tried almost everything on their menu.

Saturday night was the Kentucky Derby, so again we fired up the tablet and the laptop and bet the races from our AirBnb.   Henry and I did end up taking a break though and finally got him a gin and tonic.

All over Spain people were advertising Gin and Tonics and we learned it is a drink craze over most of western Europe.

Sunday was our last full day in Palma so we went for a walk to explore the City some more.   That night, we joined up with Melissa and Thomas again for yet another wonderful meal.   We ended up eating, drinking, and chatting for almost 5 hours.   It was a great way to end our time in Palma.

The next morning we took off for the Airport and had to say goodbye to Henry and Luann who were starting their trip back to the US.   We were flying into our next City, a quick 3 night stay in Madrid!   Promise to get that part of the trip up quicker on this blog then this one 🙂