The day is finally here!

We are waiting to board the NCL epic for our 15-day cruise over to Barcelona. The past two weeks have been great visiting family and friends. We celebrated our niece, Hazel’s, first birthday in Atlanta and spent the past week in Sarasota. Ed even snuck in a bachelor party in Vegas.

We can’t believe this day is actually here. Seems surreal that we won’t be back in the States for so long. Super excited and no turning back now 🙂

In itinerary news, we have official dates for Thailand. Josh and Rocio will joining us in Bangkok on December 28th and then spending New Year’s in Chang Mai. Still hoping for more meet ups so send us a message to join us somewhere!

Bye USA, see you in a year!

Goodbye Chicago

It’s our last night here in Chicago so we toasted with the last sips of our favorite beverages.   For Chrissy, a single barrel aged Tequila handpicked by Binny’s.   For Ed, it was the last of his wedding Pappy 23.

It is a tough goodbye.  It is the City we met, the City we married, the City we have so many awesome memories.

We will be sad to miss this year’s summer weather, this year’s Pitchfork, this year’s Lolla, this year’s Cardinals Cubs games down the street, and countless other events that make this City one of the greatest in the world.

Cheers Chicago!  We’ll miss you! But we have a world to see.